Our Kava

Experience the Wonders of Kava

Our Noble Borogu Kava powder is hand-picked and carefully processed to preserve its purity and potency. From Pentecost Island, known as the champagne of Kava, our Kava is grown by proud and experienced Kava growers using the best growing conditions. From farm to table, we ensure that our Kava is made with love, promoting healing, health, and human connection. As a circular mission, we not only support the Kava growers and their communities in Vanuatu but also bring the best Kava to New Zealand. Discover the pure and potent bliss of Kava Direct's Borogu Noble Kava powder, sourced directly from Vanuatu and now available in New Zealand. Shop now and experience the difference of our high-quality, ethically sourced Kava.

The Tropical Paradise With The Finest Kava

Our Premium Kava Selection

We have sourced the finest Kava from Pentecost Island in Vanuatu, so that you can enjoy only the highest-quality Kava available.

We work with proud Kava growers and distributors from Pentecost Island in incredible Vanuatu to bring to you natural, ethical and sustainable Kava.

Vanuatu Kava is special, known for its unique taste and powerful properties, Kava from the majestic islands of Vanuatu is different, and that is why we are so passionate about it.

We support the Kava growers in Vanuatu by selling their product in New Zealand whilst also providing Kava for the Nivans here who are longing for a taste of home.



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