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Welcome to Kava Direct, New Zealand's supplier of premium Kava from Vanuatu. We're dedicated to bringing you only the highest-quality kava powder, sourced directly from the beautiful island of Pentecost in Vanuatu where the best Kava is grown.

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Noble Kava Powder

Noble Kava Powder - Variety: Borogu

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Experience the Pure Bliss of Noble Borogu Kava powder from Pentecost Island

Celebrating Vanuatu Independence Day

Kava Direct, your go-to source for the finest Vanuatu kava in New Zealand, celebrated Vanuatu Independence Day with a lively gathering at our Seddon headquarters. Bringing together local Nivans and kava enthusiasts, it was a delightful evening filled with music, delicious food, and, of course, the best kava sourced directly from Vanuatu. As we commemorated this historic occasion, the day Vanuatu gained independence from the UK and France on July 30, 1980, we reaffirmed our commitment to supporting the Vanuatu people, both in New Zealand and on the islands. Kava Direct serves as your gateway to Vanuatu's rich culture, and we continue to foster the spirit of unity and celebration among kava lovers everywhere.

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At Kava Direct, we take pride in offering farm-to-table kava powder that's made with love and intention. Our ethically sourced kava is naturally grown in Vanuatu by local farmers under the best growing conditions, and specifically, our kava is of the Noble variety from the Borogu cultivar.

Our kava powder comes from Pentecost Island, where our growers' ancestors have been producing this revered plant for thousands of years. By supporting these farmers and their communities in Vanuatu, Kava Direct is committed to promoting sustainability and ethical practices.

We believe that our circular mission not only supports farming communities in Vanuata, but also their countrymen in New Zealand and across the South Pacific who yearn for their special kava from home. With Kava Direct, you can trust that you're getting the highest-quality kava powder while supporting a direct, sustainable and ethical supply chain.

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