About us

Kava Direct: Connecting You to the Finest Kava from Vanuatu

At Kava Direct, we bring the finest, naturally grown, and sustainable Kava from Vanuatu directly to you. Founded by David Fibbes, our CEO, who has a long history of supporting and advocating for the people of Vanuatu in New Zealand, we work directly with the local farmers to source the best Kava. Our full-circle approach not only ensures that we supply ethical and sustainable Kava to New Zealand but also supports the Kava industry in Vanuatu. With Kava Direct, you can enjoy the highest-quality Kava from Vanuatu with a direct connection to the people and culture behind it.


A Feeling of Togetherness

Here at Kava Direct, we're the real deal. Our mission is as simple as it is heartfelt: to offer top-tier kava from Vanuatu to the wonderful people of New Zealand and the South Pacific, including the vast community of Nivans living and working abroad. Our journey began with a simple need expressed by those in search of the genuine taste of home, and they turned to Dave to address it. That's how Kava Direct was born - a mission that swiftly evolved into a thriving business. Beyond providing a taste of home, we've cultivated a vibrant community that shares our passion and joy for kava. It's more than just a business; it's a feeling of togetherness, and it feels oh-so-good.


Want to chat to us? Contact us here or give us a call on 027 241 3158.